Who are you?

How do you describe the voice of your blog?

She’s almost 30, and excited to get there. Pretty normal from the outside, similar trappings to many of her peers. No mortgage, no kids, no pets (though a dream of a cat one day).

But life is full of contradictions. Struggling with the contradictions of life – love the idea of a completely self-sustaining life in the countryside, but reliant on the social open-mindedness and opportunity to work in a larger, more high-impact job, generally restricted to the city. Wants to volunteer more, but struggling to find the time. Finds difficulty in reconciling her life with the Western way of living, and yet knows it’s her home and heritage and can’t quite fit in elsewhere. Struggling to stay positive about the future, but sometimes brought down by reality. And other times, blown away by beauty and nature and human strength.

Local vs organic vs not wrapped in plastic

Vegetarian vs vegan vs local, organic meat

Economic vs environmental influences

Uncertainty vs security

For many of my generation, life is full of contradictions. What you believe isn’t always how you act.

A blog that inspires me and that I relate to is Plastic Manners. Taina seems to struggle less with the contradictions than I do, and I admire that kind of conviction. I aspire to it. And I relate very much to her daily struggle to convince the rest of the world. I hope my voice can aspire to obtain the levels of inspiration that she has.


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