Connecting with what you eat

Food is a huge part of sustainability. In this article on The Tyee, where the topic of obesity and “informed dining” is addressed. Although the article does not talk about sustainability, I think that health and environmental sustainability are inextricably linked. The Slow Food movement, a reaction to the prominence of fast food and loss of traditional food knowledge, demonstrates how taking time to source good food, cook at home, and support local traditions has benefits for health and community.

I recently watched a Passionate Eye episode about chocolate and child labour, and it really emphasizes for me how disconnected we are, as a society, from our food chain. For the most part, people don’t know where their food has come from, how far it has traveled, what its carbon footprint is, or even what is in it.

In the video below, I talk a bit about how to connect more with the food we eat. Local food is a big part of that, supporting local agriculture and reducing our carbon footprint. But there are a lot of things we can’t produce here, chocolate being one of them. I love chocolate, so I try to always buy organic, fairtrade chocolate, to reduce the impact.

I am not a video specialist! The extreme windiness today made filming this short clip on my simple camera difficult, occasionally drowning me out. I hope you’re able to get what I’m trying to say!


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  1. Posted by Christina on February 25, 2012 at 6:07 pm

    It’s important to support the local economy and know where our food is coming from. Another website that I highly recommend is – they offer free delivery and are looking for more sustainable way to buy groceries.


  2. Great video blog Karlynne. I really enjoyed this topic. While usually a bit more expensive, and likely not as convenient, I too prefer to purchase my fruits and veggies from local farmers’ markets. I think it’s really important to support our local growers, and to know where the food you eat is originating from. From the farmer to the consumer, it’s a one step process. I also find that the produce I purchase from local growers is much tastier too! Cheers.


  3. Posted by winesppt on February 28, 2012 at 3:06 pm

    Great Video Blog Karlynee. I like that you did this outside and captured the experience.


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