So Disappointed by my Government; So Inspired by my Community

Sometimes, when I listen to the news, see the mass consumption marketing, I feel like I’m standing alone on a little island, that I just don’t connect with how my world is portrayed. But today, I joined hundreds of other Vancouverites on Kits beach, to stand together against the pipelines and tankers of Enbridge and Kinder-Morgan. I felt like I was part of something big, that there are a lot of people who care. And I felt hope at that.

As an environmentalist these days, it certainly feels like my government doesn’t care the slightest bit about me or others who care about something bigger than profit and money. The planet and those who want to protect it are becoming targets for the big guys to take shots at, and I see this reflected by a government pushing through laws and regulations that make it easier for industry to develop the tarsands, and remove protection for water and fish – unless, of course, those fish have some kind of economic value. We hear the government ministers calling us “radicals” and positioning us as the enemy of Canadians.

Tomorrow, organizations and individuals across Canada will be blacking out their websites as part of the BlackOutSpeakOut campaign to “speak out against changes introduced in the federal government’s budget act (C-38).” 

Alone, I feel powerless. But when I see that I’m not alone, I have hope. We may all come at these things with different backgrounds, interests and ideas, but as long as we stand together, there’s a chance we can all make it.


From 24 HOURS article, photo by CARMINE MARINELLI

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  1. Posted by michelle on May 9, 2013 at 5:09 pm

    Just discovered your blog and have been reading through all your old posts and it seems that as I keep reading I’m thinking to myself “look there are people who think like me”. I appreciate these posts and this one struck me right away. Being alone on a little island is sometimes exactly how I feel but I’m loving finding out I’m not:) Thanks for the thoughts and the motivation to keep making changes.


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