My Green Gay Wedding Part 1

I’ve always loved weddings, I have to admit. Not all the trappings that go with it – the flowers, the decorations, dresses, bridal showers, maids of honour, etc – but just the simple fact of people coming together to celebrate the love two people have for each other.

But, like I said, I dislike most of the details that come along with it. As an environmentalist and a person generally abhorrent of waste, I don’t fully get the need to spend huge sums of money on one day, with all the accompanying garbage created. And, as a self-confessed introvert, I’ve never been super keen on that walking-down-the-aisle, centre-of-attention thing.

To top it off, my partner is a girl. So, to say that we fall into the non-traditional category would about sum it up.

So how do we plan our perfect wedding? Eco-friendly, as waste-free as possible, low cost, and true to our characters? There aren’t a lot of examples to follow out there (certainly not when I Google it, anyway), and we don’t have any friends or family that have blazed this trail before us. Although I hadn’t caught the bug, wedding planning finally introduced me to the fun of Pinterest, where I try to visualize what ours might look like.

The Dress

I almost hate to admit it, but I got excited about the idea of the dress. This was my opportunity to get exactly what I wanted – eco-friendly, locally designed and made, and not worry so much about the cost. I wasn’t looking for traditional, and yet for some reason, I wanted it to be sort of white.

I explored local designers, including great stuff from Nicole Bridger, and checked out some vintage stores. But in the end, I went with local eco-designer Pure Magnolia. It was a perfect match for me.

Dress, check.


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