My Green Gay Wedding Part 2


One of the things we’ve used to keep things simple is to keep the timeline between announcement and wedding short, about 5 months of planning. Which made eco-friendly invitations an easier sell.

I’ve heard all the arguments against e-invites. “Tacky.” So what? We’re not doing this for someone else’s satisfaction. “What about people who don’t use email?” Well, if those people exist, you can send that one person a card (or call them). But I personally don’t care about paper cards or invites, and had zero interest in paying a bunch of money for an inherently wasteful product. Spend it on food and drinks, that’s what will be remembered anyway!

Some advice about e-invites. Shop around to find a good option. We started with evite, which is great for party invites, but is just a bit too casual for this. We ended up using Pingg because it had nice options, and a good RSVP system. We also opted for the $10 upgrade to get rid of ads, because that is pretty tacky, and we’re not that cheap.

So far, haven’t had any complaints. At least not to my face.

Invitation Pingg cropped


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  1. So many people are moving to inviting over Facebook or just email these days, I wouldn’t sweat it. At the end of the day, just make sure people know where to go and how to get there: simple directions and an email reminder trump a clumsy paper invite any day IMO. Congrats, by the way. When’s the date?


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