Eco-Friendly Wedding Rings

I’d just like to start with this statement: Diamonds are not a girl’s best friend. I have many, probably pretty obvious, ethical issues with diamonds. There is, of course, the issue of conflict (“blood”) diamonds. But even conflict-free, supposedly eco-friendly Canadian mined diamonds have their issues, as does any mining activity, impacting greenhouse gas emissions, water quality, and habitat destruction.

But aside from that, I’m just not the type of person to have a rock on my finger that catches on clothes, scratches, and then of course I would probably lose, because that’s what happens to me.

Before even the hint of wedding planning, our rings were sourced. I was sitting on the bleachers at my end-of-season softball tournament, and I overheard a conversation behind me from one of the girls on another team, talking about her family business of wooden ring making, For the Love of Wood Rings. These beautiful, unique rings are made from sustainable materials, harvested from scrap bins and from trees on family property. They are made in North Vancouver, so we are able to support a local business and nullify long-distance transportation. Each type of wood represents different things, so we were able to select what was meaningful for us.

As one of the enduring, physical objects that will remain long after the wedding is over, we were so happy to find rings that matched our personalities and our ethics.



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