Bending with the Wind

Beautiful straight rows of seed potatoes

Beautiful straight rows of seed potatoes

The last couple of weeks at the farm, we’ve gotten down to business. Strawberry whips and beautiful rows of seed potatoes were set in the ground under the sun, evenly spaced and properly deep, or so we hope. An interesting aspect of farming is perfect spacing – just enough space to give the plant room to grow, but close enough together to maximise production.

Planning is such an integral part of farming, and a part I’m already struggling with! Every plant has such specific needs for soil type, spacing, light, watering, etc. I spent a good few hours on our first assignment, our individual plot plan, trying to maximize how many things I could get in there, while following the structure of the sections, mimicking the farm’s crop rotation. My plan finally came together, with it’s mix of squash, brassicas, legumes, and hopefully a whole wack of carrots. Unused muscles are complaining with the spring work of bending, shoveling, and getting into shape, as the plot preparation and planting gets well underway!

This past Saturday’s windy afternoon had us outside, learning about low tunnel structures. Used to protect young crops from excess rain, keep the soil a bit warmer, and keep the pests off. Unfortunately, we had a rather windy day to contend with, which made it lucky that there were 13 of us trying to put the cover over the bent posts. We finished the afternoon trying to fit the puzzle pieces of irrigation and drip tape together.

Covering the posts

Covering the posts

Bending the low tunnel posts

Bending the low tunnel posts

2013-04-27 14.44.41



My plot only looks like a length of dirt for now, but the soil is busy getting ready for planting. Broccoli and greens are started indoors, to be ready when the plot is. Such an exciting time of year, full of promise.

Getting my plot ready for planting.

Getting my plot ready for planting



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