Green Wedding Favours

Wedding favours were a point of green decision making. M wasn’t sure we needed favours at all, but I liked the idea of people leaving with something that really reminded them who we are.

The challenge with most wedding favours is the waste involved. Anything food related will probably come wrapped in plastic, something I really wanted to avoid, and we didn’t want anything that would just get thrown away.

Green Favours

Inspired by Pinterest, our wedding favours were green – literally. What we thought would be most meaningful and representative of us would be to grow something that we could give to people to plant. It would be waste-free, and would produce food!

We planted a forest of herb seedlings in our dimly lit kitchen for this purpose. But a series of mishaps got in the way. First of all, only half of the seeds germinated. Then, suffering from poor light, many of the baby seedlings stretched out and produced weak stems, and many of them just weren’t growing very fast. Then, disaster, I tipped over the seedling container, massacring  over half of the seeds. It looked like herb seedlings weren’t in the cards!

Tomato seedling forest

Tomato seedling forest

By chance, I had over-planted tomato seeds for ourselves in a fit of optimism (what do you mean, 30 plants won’t fit on our shared rooftop balcony?), and they were coming up beautifully. We re-potted them in peat pots, that can be directly planted (no wasteful plastic pots), and these became our wedding favours.

Of course, plants woudn’t work for everyone. Some of our guests came in from out of town, and bringing a plant home isn’t really feasible. So, for those guests, we put together packets of home-mixed tea, using fair-trade organic red rooibos from Gathering Place, home-grown (by a colleague) mint leaves, and organic chocolate chips to create some tasty, caffeine-free mint-chocolate tea.


People loved them! Lots of people said they were excited about the tomatoes, and everyone loved in general that we had made our own favours. Although the favours were a bit of a stress factor right up until the end – repotting tomatoes the day before my wedding wasn’t exactly my ideal plan – they totally came off well. A lot of it was thanks to the last-minute hard work by our houseguests, who turned the seedlings into beautiful gifts with kraft paper tags.

Tea & Tomatoes - DIY Favours

Tea & Tomatoes – DIY Favours


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