Touching Base – Preparing for Farming 2014

Oops! I thought that over the winter, I would spend much more time vamping up this blog, with theoretically more time on my hands. But a funny thing happened – as soon as the farming season, and the UBC Farm Practicum, ended, I felt a sudden loss of energy and motivation. I no longer felt creative, engaged, or particularly interested. I even stopped the frantic farm-related reading I had been doing over the summer.

In some ways, this is distressing. What good is a winter off if I don’t accomplish anything! But on the other hand, it shows me that I’m on the right track, that farming motivates me, and working outdoors, doing physical work, and being around like-minded, conscious people did a lot of good things for me.

Now that I’m over the holiday hump, and 2014 is officially on the go, I can feel myself waking up. I picked up my first farming book in a while, I’ve reconnected with farm friends, and started to think of the upcoming season.

Next Adventure – Apprenticeship

The next step in my farming learning is to live, breathe and really inhabit a farm. So, for the upcoming 2014 farming season, my partner and I will be moving to Pemberton to be apprentices on a farm there. This will be a test, to figure out if we really have the mettle to do this full time, and if really, we both want to do this. Maybe this will result in both of us farming, or maybe just me, or maybe neither of us! But we can’t know until we try.

I’m breathing in the hope and renewal of the new year, and looking forward to the next season!

Making up for lost time

Although it may seem out of order, the next few posts will come from the end of the 2013 UBC Farm Practicum, highlighting a few of my last assignments.


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