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Blogging for Non-Profits

The 12 weeks of my social media course, with the different blogging assignments and tasks, have given me a little bit of insight into the world of blogging. Given my blog focus, it has helped me learn a bit and explore how non-profit organizations can use blogging to good effect. The best blogs in the environmental sector provide timely and useful information to their readers, offer tips and advice for taking action, and empower  people to become advocates.

Providing information

The best environmental blogs that I’ve found so far are the ones that provide the kind of information I’m looking for, whether that’s learning how to start a worm compost or wondering what a good alternative to dry cleaning is. These are great because I usually find them when searching for specific information I need, and blogs usually offer a personal touch, like someone who has tried something in particular. With so many questions about different environmental topics, blogs are a great way to get the perspective of someone else who has had the same questions.

Tips and Advice

There are lots of blogs out there offering great tips and advice to people looking to make a green move. For many people who want to lead a greener lifestyle, the hardest part is figuring out where to start and how to do it. The Clean Bin Project is a great resource for all kinds of waste reduction tips.

Empower People

With sustainable lifestyle changes, as with anything else, people need to feel empowered in order to be able to accomplish anything. The two points above help people to feel that they can make actionable changes in their lives, and this kind of empowerment leads to more long-lasting change.

I think, in this sector, blogging is a very powerful tool that is already being used widely to connect the environmental movement. And as a field that always changing, it can only benefit from more people joining in the conversation, and organizations in this area can harness this to position themselves as experts and resources, for the benefit of all.