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World Water Day

Today is World Water Day. I hadn’t really thought about World Water Day specifically before, but when I was listening to my daily BBC podcast today, I was rather surprised and frustrated when their mention of World Water Day was accompanied by a story about a man who turned his life around through the sale of bottled water.

I’m pretty sure bottled water is high on the list of bad for water issues. See my favourite video (yes, I’ve posted it before).

Water is an issue around the world. Here in Canada, we are blessed with ample, clean water. But many people take this for granted. Canada is 2nd only to the USA for water wasting. And apparently the Canadian government has decided that we don’t need to worry too much about protecting our water. On an individual scale, I see people every day who leave the water running while they scrub their one plate in the office kitchen, or who turn the washroom tap on full blast, leaving it on while they dry their hands with a paper towel, just so they can turn the tap off with the towel. (Don’t even get me started on the germ-phobia around here… but maybe it’s just because I’ve lived in Africa that I’m not bothered by germs. I also don’t get sick these days nearly as much as most people around me. Go figure.)

For the 6 months that I lived in rural northern Cameroon, my house, though built for it, did not have running water. I would pay my 8 year old neighbour to take my 2 40L water containers on his cart to get drinkable water from a tap about a couple blocks away, and hauled my non drinking water out of the compound well. Which was perfectly fine, I’m not complaining. And for a year, I lived where I had running water, but it would mysteriously be shut off most days between 8am and 2pm, and often all weekend. It gave me an appreciation, though, for how lucky we are to turn on our taps, and have clean, drinkable water come out at any given time. Can you imagine your water just being shut off for the day?

Next time you flush the toilet, just think about how much water (drinkable water, no less) just got used. Or when you leave that tap running for 2 minutes just waiting for the water to be cold enough to drink, think about that. If you just think about it, consider it, then next time, chances are, you’ll make more of an effort to conserve.

Water is not infinite. It’s worth taking care of. Where would we be without it?

Waterfall near Whistler, BC.